Every good cause needs financial protection.

Proper financial management of a tax-exempt organization is unique in that it requires addressing both the Accounting Systems and the Fiduciary Responsibility of the organization. Most small charities do not have the budget for paid accounting staff and often rely on volunteers to track the finances. This exposes the organization to well-intentioned but inadequate records that could lead to errors, irregularities, and even embezzlement, loss of tax-exempt status, penalties for incorrect, incomplete, or late tax filings, or even lawsuits against the Directors for failing to safeguard the assets of the organization. The most serious mistakes are often made by Board Members who think they are absolutely doing the right thing.

It is for these reasons we recommend that even small tax-exempt organizations retain Renaissance for Financial Management. Acting in a consulting capacity, we will review systems and procedures, help with the budgeting, and assist the Board in keeping the organization operating legally and in compliance with reporting requirements.

Take a moment and compare the features of your accounting system with our benchmarks.

Accounting Systems Fiduciary Responsibility

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